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Breath of Life Yoga classes have a focus on using the breath to breathe away tension from muscles, organs and the mind.

Yoga teachings suggest that the breath and the mind have a powerful connection. We breathe automatically but there are different breathing habits that people unconsciously adopt eg. shallow breathing due to stress, anxiety or fear. By consciously being aware of how we are breathing and regulating our breath throughout the day, our thoughts which create our stresses due to an emotional response to our environment can be refined.
Using breathwork our mind's full potential can be explored. Self awareness about what matters to us and why and how to deal with emotions and stresses can be managed through breathing with awareness.

By doing breathwork practices you can harness the power of the breath to unblock stuck emotional energy that influences thinking, creates stress and tension in the body and over time disease. By focusing our attention on the breath when engaging in yoga activities or the activities of day to day life we have the potential to impact positively on our health.

This is the aim of Breath of Life Yoga.
"Breath is central to yoga because breath is central to life”
                                                           T Krishnamacharya
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